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Wednesday, July 25th 2012

10:51 AM

Thai preteenz


Related article: Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 13:13:46 +1000 From: Daniel M Subject: Celebrity - Boy Bands - Degree My Love 05DISCLAIMER: Over a year off and I still hate this part... alright here we go. If you are under 18 (or 21 depends on your local legal system) please avoid this as I accept no responsibilty should ya mama walk in and catch you chokin' the chicken to this. If you are offended by M/M concepts I think ya in the wrong place! Why not go to Disney.com? I claim no knowledge of the personal lives of mentioned celebrities within this fictional piece. I am not associated with Univeral records (or any other record company for that matter). No Goldfish were harmed in the making of this story!AUTHOR'S CHAT: There is so much I could have to chat about here, but then I guess that'd defeat the purpose of a chat wouldn't preteen nude gallary it. Hmm... it's still to early and I think I need more coffee. If I seem a little bit weirder than usual in writing this chapter I'm like really sorry but work has gotten to me and I'm like fully not with it. Though I must say... four months and getting a promotion already... this has got to be a good thing... right? More hours... less pay... NOOOO!!! HAHA! If they even think about cutting back my pay they've got another thing coming! I'd do an evil laugh but still not enough coffee in my system. I've found it very evil having blood in my caffine system. Told you I'm in a weird mood today didn't I.AUTHOR'S THANKS: Thank you to preteen rompl ranchi Nifty for allowing me to post on this wonderful site along with so many other talented writers. Thank you to Danny. You are my twin man...love you! Steve... you've been there for me through the hardest times and through the best times. You are an angel in disguise. I don't care what you do for a job... I still love you. Darren... thanks for the shoot the shit conversations, they help me more than you will ever know. Brad... you and your kids are amazing... and you put up with my moods while writing for weeks on end. You even put up with me first thing in the morning ... marry me? LOL. Your insight is amazing and I'd be lost without it.Now go and make me another bloody coffee! Mandy, my saviour, confident, friend and everything else thrown in the mix. I love you girl! Aunty Normy... an aunt with a penis (and a big one at that - shit did I say that?) where would I be without you? Probably still sane. Coffee or prozac for breakfast?RECOMMENDED READ:Shut Up - (boy bands) - It's another 98 Degrees story. Again with the charming Nick Lachey attached... and no I'm not drooling over him! Gimme Jeff any day.My Everything - (boy bands) - charming story with Nick Lachey nad non-celeb called Sean. Very fast paced... just the way I like it. Stories that is... now go fetch your minds from the gutter people!Search and Rescue - (boy bands) - One of the best stories I have ever read on Nifty. I'm in two minds though at the moment seeing as Matt is dead , but JC is still around so it's not all bad )FEEDBACK: brisboi82hotmail.com - messenger attatched to this cambodian preteen sex email so feel free to add me. If you email me, can you preteen nudies picture please note in the subject that you are writing in relation to this story. The Story egree My Love 05 by SunChild Mark and Jeff lay on the bed wrapped in each others arms when Anita and Drew came charging into the room, landing on the foot of the bed with Ryan in hot pursuit. "My dreams are true... two boy band members in my house. I've died, I'm in heaven..." "No you're not, heaven doesn't want you and hell's too afraid you'll take over." Mark shot at Ryan. Ryan looked at Mark and flipped him the one fingure salute. "Are you two going model msp preteen to get ready or not?" Asked Anita. "We were starting when you two barged in here." "No you weren't, you were lying on the bed ... OH!!! Wrong getting ready poof boy." Jeff giggled while Mark shrugged. "Anita... don't you have elsewhere to be?" "No." She replied. "How about just out of my room then?" Anita sighed defeat and stalked out, dragging Ryan by the hair and having him screech some obsenity about how he would grab her by the hair somewhere else. Drew lay on the foot of the bed looking up at the other two. Mark looked down at him. "Yes, can I help you?" Drew smiled lazily. "Just thinking how you guys are good together." Drew climbed up and flopped down in between them.Jeff and Mark both looked at him and smiled. Mark threw his arm over Drew and whispered "And if you don't move, you'll really find out how good we are together." Drew jumped off the bed smiled and ran out the door. Jeff laughed and moved to kiss Mark.As Mark emerged from the shower Jeff looked up at him from the bed. "Have you thought any more about coming away with me?" Mark sighed slightly and sat down beside Jeff. "I have, but at the moment, I can't. I need to work, I can be a lay about and not do something. I need to provide my own financial support for me. I mean, I've got car and house repayments, and as it is, money is stretched to cover them. I have enough that I can have a little fun every so often." Jeff shook his head. "I could pay cute barefoot preteen the remainder of those and that would set you loose." "Jeff, you aren't hearing me are you? I am independant. The last naturalists preteens pictures time I borrowed money was from Anita three years ago and even then it was twenty bucks because I was too drunk to pay for the cab and didn't have the money on me. I'm not the type of guy who can have things paid for." "So if I asked you out for dinner, you would pay for yourself?" xxx tiny preteens Mark sighed. "Yeah I would, it's the way I'm made." "It has nothing to do with the gold digger name that Nick threw at you when you met does it?" Mark shook his head. "Jeff, I am being me and being honest. I couldn't do it babe. I need to support me, no one else to support me. Maybe I'm strange but that's the way I am." "Well there goes all plans of getting cambodian preteen sex you bare foot, pregnant and at home with the kids." Jeff grinned. "Sorry, guess that was becoming a bit heavy wasn't it." Mark smiled. "Look, I've been me for too long, I don't want to change." Jeff leant over and kissed Mark's head. "Wouldn't have you any other way. Except for maybe less that towel around your preteens videos thumbs waist. Mark leant in and kissed Jeff long and passionately.Mark and Jeff were disturbed by an incessant knocking at the bedroom door. Mark snatched the bed sheets up over their bodies. "Yes Drew?" He called out. "How'd you know it was me?" Came a voice through the door. "You have manners and knocked, the other two wouldn't have." Grinned Mark. "Can I open the door or will I be blinded." "You'll be fine as long as you can't see through sheets." Mark called back. Drew cautiously entered. "So are we still going out or what? It's like nearly 10." Mark and Jeff looked at each other and blushed. Drew walked up. "Jeff dude, you got something on your cheek, here let me... OHMIGOD! YUCK!" Drew screamed and bolted from the room. Mark looked at Jeff in surprise then started to laugh. Jeff was puzzled until he reached up to his cheek and felt something wet sitting there and cringed. "Told you it was a good shot." Laughed Mark. "Now let's go shower then go out to contend with the unholy trinity."Emerging shortly after from the bathroom, Mark walked out and looked at the group sitting there chomping on pizza and watching a movie. "Oooh, pizza." Cheered Mark woh reached over Anita and grabbed a piece. "We thought we better save you some. You paid for it." Mark arched an eyebrow then spied his wallet with a piece of paper sticking out of it. Mark pulled the paper out. Reading it out loud he read Anita's note. I owe you a pizza and Drew owes you a traumatic underage preteen cp experience.Mark laughed and Jeff looked curious as he walked out. "What's so funny?" He asked. Mark showed Jeff the note, who burst out laughing. Jeff grabbed the rest of the slice of pizza out of Mark's hand and took a bite. "Hey, I worked 15 yo preteens hard to get that. I mean, I'm even getting a traumatic experience for it." "We don't even know who's it was... there was online preteen sex a lot everywhere." Grinned Jeff. Mark walked up and licked Jeff's cheek. "No, it was definetly yours." He laughed as Drew and Jeff almost choked on their pizza. "NOw, who's our Desginated Driver this evening?" "NOt me, I was last time..." Anita threw in. "And I preteen world nude was for the month before that." Mark chipped in. "Guess that leaves me doesn't it" Sighed Ryan. Anita and Mark cheered and gave eachother a high five. "Alright... amateur dirty preteens FUBAR NIGHT!" They cheered. Drew and Jeff looked at eachother. "Fubar?" Ventured Drew. "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition." Mark said patiently. Jeff shook his head. "Why do I get the feeling that we are in for a LONG night?" Jeff asked looking at Drew. "Because, you are." Mark said swinging around kissed Jeff on the lips.Walking into the club, the group located a group of seats to one side of the bar with semi-darkness. Anita and Mark were about to head to the bar, when Jeff put his hand on their shoulders. "This round is on me." Mark turned around ready to go into the whole conversation about money, which Jeff must have seen, because he raised his hands. "You can get the next round, how's that?" Mark preteens videos thumbs shrugged and nodded, heading to the seats. Anita told Jeff what she wanted and then went and joined the others sitting down. Jeff returned shortly, drinks in hand. Setting them down, he placed a beer infront of Drew and then distributed the other drinks. Anita picked hers up and looked at it. "Mark, when will you poofs not drink substances that glow under the UV lighting?" Mark laughed, almost spraying the entire group. Jeff grinned bbs preteen petite and wrapped his arm around Mark's waist and leant over to whisper. "How trashed are we getting her tonight?" "FUBAR and beyond." Mark grinned.Several hours and many drinks later, Anita was looking worse for wear along with Mark and Jeff. Ryan was off dancing and Drew was talking to a pretty young girl at the bar. Drew returned with the latest round of drinks. Anita looked at hers and then at Drew. "Dish one doeshnt evshen need UC loights to glow. Dey doesh it undah any loightsh." She slurred. Drew laughed and Mark shook his head. "Oh look girls, it's Trashy Trash and the garbage cans." Came a voice from behind them causing Mark to bow his head and lift it up. "Evening Robbie." To the front of the table, strutted an extremely attractive guy. "So what brings you to this lovely establishment?" Asked Robbie. "Wanted to go out for a good night. Now that the idea just died in the ass, we'll be going." Mark said standing unsteadily on his feet. "Oh so soon? Here I was looking forwards to talking to you." Sneered Robbie. "Why would I talk to a novelty piece of trash like you? The only difference between you and ordinary trash is that you take yourself to the curb." With that Mark turned around and stalked off. Next thing Mark knew he was face first into the floor with Robbie sitting on his back. "Take that back asshole." Mark stood and caused Robbie to fall off. Robbie stood again. "Now that wasn't very nice now was it. I should bust your face for that." "You should? You'll what, break my nose... then I can get a nose job and be like you." Shot Mark. The clubbers around fell silent. "What do ya mean? I haven't had any preteens fucked girls work done." Robbie called, aware youngest preteen tpg that everyone was watching. "No work done? Compared to what? Mt Rushmore? You have more plastic on your face than Barbie. You're the new version of Michael Jackson, only with more work." Snarled Mark who turned and walked off again. He felt Robbie come up, grab his arm and spin him around. Mark saw Robbie's face for a moment before his fist connected with it. "Don't touch me asshole." With that Mark shook Robbie off him and walked out of the club, with all eyes fantasy preteen story on him. Jeff, Drew, Ryan and Anita followed at a close, but reasonable distance.When the other four got outside Mark was nowhere to be seen, a cab could be seen pulling away from the curb and off down the street. "Three guesses who that was." Sighed Anita. "Wanna fill me in about what that was all about?" Jeff asked. "Mark tell you about his first boyfriend?" Anita asked. "Yeh, the one who ran him down?" Anita nodded. "You just met him." She sighed as she looked in the direction the cab went. "Come on, we better go after him." Ryan said, concern lacing his voice. The four piled into the car and sped off.Jeff walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed and reached out for where Mark should have been. Finding the bed empty, he jumped up and flicked on the light. "ANITA! HE'S NOT HERE!" Jeff screamed running out youngest preteen nymph of the room. Anita put her hand on Jeff's shoulder. "His wallet and keys are here, relax I think I know where he is." She walked preteen illegal models down to Ryan's door and opened and looked inside. bbs preteen petite There curled up in the middle of the bed was Mark. He was still wearing the jeans and baggy oversized shirt he's worn to the club, and looked like a small timid child lying there in his sleep. Ryan leant against the door. "You want to crash in here with him?" Ryan asked Jeff. Jeff shook his head. "It's ok, I'll take him to his room. Just a question, why is he in your room?" "We have these run-ins with Robbie at least once a month. This is the worst run in yet. Normally they seem to be on Mark's driving night. Regardless, it usually shakes him up bad and Neet's room only has a single bed, so he sleeps with me those nights." Jeff arched an eyebrow. "Sleep complete with snoring. You're the second guy he's been with since Robbie. Hence why I call him puritan." Jeff nodded and looked at his sleeping boyfriend and could feel tears welling in his eyes, his desire to reach out and keep Mark safe. It was as though Mark was holding his heart before him and Jeff was terrified that it might get crushed and bruised. He wanted to take it, kept it safe and warm it beside his own heart. Jeff walked into the room and picked up his sleeping boyfriend and carried him into his own room, shutting the door gently behind them.Jeff was starting to drift off when he felt Mark roll over and drape an arm over his chest. "I love you." Mark mumbled in his sleep. Jeff placed his hand on Mark's face and gently stroked his cheek. "I love you too." Jeff whispered as he tumbled into sleep.As Mark opened his eyes the next day, he immediately regretted it as the light sent pain crashing throughout his system. Rolling over he looked around and realised he was in Ryan's room, only Ryan was not there, nor was there anyone else. Mark was sure he had a recollection of someone sleeping beside him at some point during the night. Walking out of the room, he looked sluts young preteen around and smelt the rich scent of coffee floating freely down the hall. Following his nose, he walked into the kitchen with the sight of Jeff standing at the stove cooking. The smell of greased bacon and eggs preteens nudist pics made his stomach move to the left as it's contents went to the right. Walking up behind Jeff he wrapped his arms around Jeff's waist and rested his chin on Jeff's shoulder. "Morning baby." He said gently. Jeff smiled and turned his head to kiss Mark's throbbing temple. "Hey, how are you feeling?" "Worse for wear, but it's all self-inflicted so self-deservant." Jeff smiled and went back to his cooking. Mark wandered over to the coffee pot and proceeded to poor himself a strong cup. "Do you really love me?" Asked Jeff. Mark, who was taking his first mouthful nearly spat it everywhere and dropped the cup. "Excuse me?" He asked. "When we came home to find you in Ryan's bed, I got in with you and you rolled over said you loved me." Jeff explained. Mark learnt back against the counter. "I, um, that is... uh..." "It's alright if you don't. I was just curious, because I think I'm in love with you." Mark bowed his head and then looked back up. "If it makes you feel any xxx tiny preteens better, I love you too." fuck preteens girls Mark walked up and wrapped his arms around Jeff's waist.--There we go, another (very late) installment of Degree My Love... oh look, first one for this year. Sorry guys. Hope you all had a safe and happy holidays and that the year has been going well for you all. Feedback always appreciated. Brisboi82hotmail.com if you want to write me! Love, Sc xxx
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